Oak Design is a furniture manufacturing company located in North-west of Transilvania. We set up our handmade furniture with a very simple aim, to offer beautiful long lasting furniture made from reclaimed wood with character, handcrafted using traditional carpentry skills.

Reclaimed wood is just like a good wine, with the age wood gains a unique character. Every piece of furniture genuinely has its own story behind it, some pieces of woods come from old houses, some from barns and some even come from old monasteries. Imagine if that piece of wood could talk and tell us the interesting stories of its owner.

All our workers are highly skilled carpenters who resurrect the wood and give them a new life so they can serve us for at least a few more decades with their exclusive look and charm.

A reclaimed  wood furniture can be the true highlight of any room with its simple, almost minimalist and natural design emphasizing the woods amazing beauty.


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